Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Little LISPer - Chapter 1 - Toys

You can learn more about the Little Lisper and this project here.

These are links to worked examples of The Little Lisper (3rd Edn.) in Common Lisp. They are being released in sequence, so not all are available now.
The assumption is that you have a copy or have read Dan Friedman and Matthias Felleison's The Little LISPer. (

The questions are also available here (

Question 1. First steps towards learning LISP - What distinguishes an atom?
Question 2. First steps towards learning LISP - What distinguishes a list?
Question 3. First steps towards Learning LISP - Cons a piece of cake onto your mouth
Question 4. Putting the french in french fries. (What is a list remainder?)
Question 5. Are two lisp's the same? When are atoms equal?
Question 6. What is the meaning of nothing? Can you have a null list?
Question 7. What if you add nothing to nothing? What about a null list?
Question 8. Meatballs and spaghetti. Is the end of a nested list an atom or null?
Question 9. Kiwis, mangoes, lemons . How do you traverse down a nested list?
Question 10. Peanut butter. How do I manually extract a particular atom from a list?


  1. Please note that Daniel Friedman is also an author of The Little Lisper:)