Thursday, June 10, 2010

10 Steps to getting started with Common Lisp on Windows

Disclaimer: I don't work for Allegro Common Lisp and have no financial interest in them. This is just a really quick way to get started with Allegro Common Lisp for a new user.

1.  1. Go to the following page
2. Download the free download of Allegro Common Lisp
3. Install it on your machine
4. Run Allegro Common Lisp
5. Select New Project

6. Enter HelloWorld as the new Project Directory

7. In the Untitled Code Window press CTRL-S

8. Click ‘Yes’ to add this to the current project

9. Enter ‘HelloWorld’ as the filename

10. In the code window enter (print “Hello World”).  Hilight the text and type CTRL-E.

Voila – Hello World appears in the Debug window.

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