Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Little LISPer - Chapter 6 - *Oh my Gawd*: It's Full of Stars

You can go to the parent page here.

These are links to worked examples of The Little Lisper (3rd Edn.) in Common Lisp. They are being released in sequence, so not all are available now.

The assumption is that you have a copy or have read Mattias Felleison's The Little LISPer. (

The questions are also available here (

Exercise 1: Finding the hidden chili and separating them out
Exercise 2: Is there chili in the hot potatoes? (nested intersection)
Exercise 3: Double frying the baked tomatoes (nested atom duplication)
Exercise 4: LISP asking three questions about the fried potatoes
Exercise 5: Fish and chips - finding the first nested occurrence
Exercise 6: Adding the nested numbers
Exercise 7: What does this function g* do?
Exercise 8: What does this function f* do?
Exercise 9: Can we accumulate the potatoes in this dish?
Exercise 10: Can we accumulate the (nested) potatoes in this dish?

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