Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Little LISPer - Chapter 2 - Do It, Do It Again

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These are links to worked examples of The Little Lisper (3rd Edn.) in Common Lisp. They are being released in sequence, so not all are available now.

The assumption is that you have a copy or have read Mattias Felleison's The Little LISPer. (

The questions are also available here (

Exercise 1. German chocolate cake - What is a List of AToms?
Exercise 2. (poppy seed cake) - How LISP know it’s a List of AToms?
Exercise 3. Is there coffee in this cake? Member of a list
Exercise 4. Changing the recipe (of the member? function)
Exercise 5. Is this (poppy seed cake) fake? LISP and fake LATs
Exercise 6. Is there cake in this list?
Exercise 7. Can we change the recipe of member? again?
Exercise 8. Did changing the recipe spoil the cake? (member? function)
Exercise 9. Is there cake in this red wine? (member? and nested lists)
Exercise 10. Did we put the chocolate in twice? (Dup. list members)

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